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Dr. Caroline Dalleh
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Happy Gas (for sensitive teeth)

If you have been putting off a clean because of sensitive
teeth, or are anxious about visiting the dentist then nitrous
oxide (”happy gas”) might be for you. Read more

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At Green Apple Dentistry, we aim to give you and your family exceptional dentistry while having a great experience. It is our personalised care and the time our dentists take to get to know you and your oral health needs which separates us from other dental practices. We are also passionate about dental education and actively support local community groups in Wagga Wagga.

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Teeth whitening represents the most popular cosmetic dental treatment in Australia. It is a safe, effective method to significantly alter the appearance of your teeth to give you a brighter, whiter smile.

We are passionate about preventive dentistry and will take the time to understand your medical history and lifestyle habits in order to develop a customised treatment plan for you.

Dental implants can now be placed and restored in Wagga Wagga thanks to the expertise provided by Dr. Glen Baker and Dr. Caroline Dalleh

With advances in modern dentistry we can now utilise tooth coloured fillings, which are as strong as traditional metal fillings, safe and give a more natural appearance.

At Green Apple Dentistry we take pride in the fact that our child patients love coming to visit us.

If you have been putting off a clean because of sensitive teeth, or are anxious about visiting the dentist then nitrous oxide might be for you.

Hate Going To The Dentist

Don’t worry! You’ll love our dentistry.

Our dentists and oral health therapists will put you at ease.
We know how to make kids and anxious patients comfortable, and have “happy gas” right here in Wagga for patients to help you really relax!

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Dentist FAQ

Are there age limits for Dental Implants?

No, there are no upper age limitations and very few medical conditions that prevent successful dental implant treatment. We have provided implants for patients from 21 - 90 years of age

Do I need to go into hospital for dental implant surgery in Wagga? 

No. Hospital stays are expensive and general anaesthetics increase recovery time. Dental implants are placed at Green Apple Dentistry in our normal treatment rooms under local anaesthetic.

Is the metal in the implant safe?

Yes. The metal is Titanium. The same material is used to heal broken bones.

Is the dental implant procedure painful?

No. You’ll be comforted to know that placing an implant is easier than taking a tooth out. You shouldn’t feel any pain during the surgery but if you’re very nervous we have sedative options to make you more comfortable during the procedure.

Will there be pain after the dental implant surgery?

Immediately after the surgery and for a few days you will likely experience some discomfort. However, any pain should be manageable. Rinsing gently with warm salt water throughout the days following the procedure will help bathe and soothe the tissues and will offer additional relief.

Do dental implants look like teeth?

Good implants do, poorly placed implants do not. The skill of the surgeon and dentist enable results that are just like teeth. You may have seen people with implants that do not look good and are worried this will happen to you. With careful planning and use of bone and gum grafting we can avoid or minimise most of these problems.

Will I be left without teeth?

No, we will provide temporary tooth solutions until your permanent implants are ready to fit.

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