Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening represents the most popular cosmetic dental treatment in Australia. It is a safe, effective method to significantly alter the appearance of your teeth to give you a brighter, whiter smile.

Teeth may become discoloured due to surface staining caused by tea, coffee, tobacco or wine. As we age our teeth appear yellower because the outer enamel layer thins, and the inner yellow dentine layer thickens. Teeth may also discolour after root canal therapy, trauma or the placement of dental braces.

At Green Apple Dentistry we offer various tooth whitening approaches including in chair dental whitening as well as take home whitening kits.

Before you have your teeth whitened, we strongly recommend you schedule an appointment for a Complimentary Tooth Whitening Consultation. Your consultation will enable us to advise you on the most suitable tooth whitening treatment for your teeth, and the results that can be expected when whitening your teeth.

The effectiveness and final result will vary for each individual, and it is essential that your teeth are properly assessed to give you the whitest result possible.

When planning teeth whitening for your Wagga wedding please allow at least two months before your wedding date to organise a whitening consultation.

To book your complimentary whitening consultation please contact our friendly team at Green Apple Dentistry on 6921 6488