Denture Implants

When dentures are moving around in the mouth because there is no bone to support them, chewing and speaking becomes difficult. Movement of the denture also causes rubbing on the gums which leads to ulceration and pain. A laugh or cough can cause embarrassment as the denture moves and without teeth to hold the denture down, food gets underneath causing pain and limiting the enjoyment of food.

Denture implants make all the difference. Implants can hold the denture firmly in place while talking, laughing and chewing. Implants transfer the biting forces to the jawbone and take all of the pressure off the gums. This solution feels like having natural teeth again.

One simple cost-effective solution involves 2 implants that keep your denture stable yet allows for removal for cleaning.

Another type of treatment is known as ‘Implant over-dentures’. This solution also transfers all biting forces to the jawbone yet allows for removal when required.

Whatever your specific denture problems, implants are an extremely successful treatment that can offer an improvement in speaking, comfort and chewing ability.

At Green Apple Dentistry, we can carry out all of your denture implant treatment in our treatment rooms under local anaesthetic. If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to speak to one of our dentists or therapists.